Unique interior –  coming home as a soothing experience

Such a solution that makes your home unique and special

You might be considering making your own home an interior that reflects upon your style and personality. What we offer is a solution with which you can easily achieve that. To make your home a place where you would gladly return day by day, not just for the company of your beloved ones, but for the soothing atmosphere as well. The pieces that I create are exactly those blankets and wall carpets that could achieve that.

Baby blankets, complete sets:

It is always a joyful and exciting experience to expect a newborn to arrive, so is the planning and arrangement of the room of the little one. We usually intend it to be a warm, cozy shelter with a sense of safety to it – a happy, bright and colorful little room. The crib itself can be made onto an artfully ornamented element of the room with the appropriate baby blanket, which will be the first unique possession of the little one – just as unique and one of kind as the owner itself. From the grandparents’ point of view, it is also a special opportunity to gift the newborn with something that will protect and shelter the baby, something to snuggle against when falling asleep. It might even end up as something without the baby couldn’t fall asleep. (The size can be adjusted to cradles and children’s bed likewise. The complete sets would include pillows or crib skirts as well – the latter ensuring that the baby’s hands or feet won’t get stuck among the bars of the crib)


A patchwork blanket made with careful selection of colors and patterns creates a truly special, homely atmosphere. It could be the definitive element of mood and impression of a bedroom. For that reason alone it could serve as a perfect wedding gift as well. It could just as well be the ideal choice for someone who wishes to ornament the bedroom not with mass-market products, but something with alignment of their personal style and preferences. On the pragmatic side it is also an extra layer to cover under the cold winter nights.


If you are looking for a smaller gift, or simply wish to ornament your own home with a patchwork product, the right tapestry could fit into the environment like a piece of a puzzle. It could be either traditional or modern, bold or modest in style, designed specifically for the taste of the customers. It could also be a seasonal decoration or designed for a specific occasion or holiday as well. If you are looking for discreetly present, but still noticeable ornament, a tapestry would be an ideal choice for you.


A harmonically designed and carefully tailored patchwork is a jewel by its own right, but what could make it extraordinary is the quilting… It is a special technique which gives the blanket or tapestry a texture which opens up entirely new horizons. It gives the fabric an impression – similar to the one the sculptor gives to the marble when working on a relief – making the already unique gift playfully alive and dynamic as well

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