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If you would like a present exactly like one of the samples on this page I have to disappoint you – that is not possible. The media content merely serves the purpose of inspiration, to make the way for the creative thinking, the intro conversation between the artist and the buyer.

It is possible that some of the depicted products are still available for purchase, but more likely it has been already sold. I will not create replicas or copies. If you order from me, you can be assured that the final piece will be truly unique and one of a kind. If you buy something form me, no-one else will have that – vaguely similar at its best. That way I can guarantee that the final piece will be truly tailored to your need to your greatest satisfaction.

What will it cost? 

The price does not consist of only the product. Quality material, and the years of expertise behind each uniquely crafted piece contributes to the final pricing. The latter guarantees the high quality and uniqueness of the final product. The hours put behind each piece has to be remunerated in that manner as well. If I spend half a month with finishing a piece, then the value of the working hours will be equivalent of half a month’s wage, as I give the very best of my knowledge for each individual piece. I only produce craftmanship that I am proud of, which meets my self-set high standards, and guaranteed to stand the test of time. It creates value that can be passed on from one generation to the other.

I can only take up a contract if the desired piece will meet the above-mentioned quality standards – and will be completed within a reasonable timeframe. 

Hence, for each and every piece the estimated time of completition and the price itself will be a result of an agreement for mutual satisfaction between you and me.

Make your home unique, special
Give a present that is unique in the truest sense.

Contact me to plan and prepare for your request in time.

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