Personalized  and stylish gift

A present that is unique in the truest sense...

Be that a family gathering, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a wedding or birth of a new family member – all joyful events but proposes challenges for those who would think of a present fitting for the occasion. A grander, meaningful present might indeed prove rather hard to come up with.

If you already know – or willing to find out – the style, colors, and shapes best fitting to your beloved ones, you can be rest assured that they will be gifted with something truly unique and tailored to that person’s personality.


Special anniversaries, milestones in life are
worthy of surprising our loved ones with a special gift.

Gifts for weddings / anniversaries

Wedding? Or special anniversaries? Rose (10), Porcelain (20), Silver (25), Pearl (30), Ruby (40), Gold (50) or Diamond (60) Wedding? You can give your loved ones a special gift for the unique occasion.

Bedspread, tapestry, or even a tablecloth can be a special gift.

Write down the size and style of the work you would like to create and contact me to realize your  ideas.

Important days

Today’s gifts are memories of tomorrow. There are also significant days in the lives of individuals and families and smaller or larger communities that are worthy of commemoration, some closely linked to the habit of giving.

For example, the Christmas gift may cause a lot of thinking to give something truly unique surprise to your loved ones.

You can make these days memorable with our special and unique textile products.

Child birth

At the birth of small children, the favorite and memorable gifts are the customized baby blankets tailored to the color of the little newcomer’s room.

Do you want to make your home unique?

Inspiration  for dreaming,

and for a potential joint design

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Contact me in advance, so that we can better shedule, design and prepare for your request.

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