Custom-made home textiles

by Györgyi Varga 

Quilting not just work for me...
it's my passion

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My name is Györgyi Varga. Patchworking has been my passion for the past 20 years, and I can proudly admit that rather than being just work, it is a form of true self-expression.

The aim of my craftmanship is to create pieces that would give a room that unique ’cozy home’ feeling. Something that will be genuinely missed if ever happen to be replaced. Something that is to be used – to be worn out, to be washed regularly – but also to be missed if not here anymore.

Plain geometric lines intertwined with the playfulness of floral shapes in the placating embrace of earthen hues – vibrant with dominant tones – resulting in a harmonic, balanced unity.

Quality and pragmatism are the keywords for the pieces completed, not just pleasing to the eye, but fulfilling a specific function as well.

Do you want to make your home unique?

Unique interior – coming home as a soothing experience

Custom-made home textiles, bedspreads and tapestries, that make your home cozy

Personalized and stylish gift

for a special person for a special occasion…


important days

gifts for weddings / anniversaries

child birth

Inspiration  for dreaming,

and for a potential joint design

Videó lejátszása

Contact me in advance, so that we can better shedule, design and prepare for your request.

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